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Another fallout between GFF and KMC

Bakary K Jammeh and his poor GFF are still failing Gambian football again in many ways, example: poor regional football bodies, poor national football team with lots of unknown league players, appointment of regional coaches with no plans, using women football festival in the rural areas to get money from FIFA. They fail our football, Gambia from 88 in FIFA ranking to 170 in FIFA ranking.



KM sports have just close down all the football parks around KM saying the GFF denied the referees to officiate their 3rd division qualifiers, so with this reason KM react by closing down all football parks. Gamtel vs Samger is called off and teams are going home.



Poor Gambia football federation with their poor regional football setups is bitting back again with their biggest rival, Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), poor GFF who owns no football stadium in The Gambia are still failing in their professionalism working hand in hand with one of their biggest stakeholders, the regional councils of The Gambia, this time KMC have enough of them and tell them no to our football grounds if you not cooperating with us in terms of proper football development.



As we all can see Gambia football federation needs changes and proper football reform with a new competent football stakeholders to be in charge of our national football development, we need to turn our backs from the dictatorship and political party influence in Gambia football development.



By Ousman B Kinteh